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Sizing Your Finger

Access our printable at-home ring sizer, learn helpful tips for sizing your finger, or request a ring sizer by mail

Our Printable Ring Sizing Guide

To size your finger immediately, click the link below to print our Signitas™ Ring Sizing Guide.

To find your finger size, select an existing ring that fits well on the hand and finger you intend to wear your Signitas ring. Match the ring with the gauges on the printable graphic. When your ring has been placed on the right size, you should see the white circle - with no blue space - inside your ring.

Request a Free Ring Sizer

For a more precise measure, we also offer a free ring sizing gauge, sent by US Mail. This tool works like a belt with a buckle, which easily wraps around the finger, going over the knuckle. When you tighten it into a comfortable fit, an arrow indicates the exact finger size.

Ring Sizing Tips

1. Since our hands are different sizes, make sure you're sizing the exact finger on the correct hand on which you'll wear your ring.

2. The wider the band of a ring, the tighter it will fit. When selecting an existing ring to measure, choose one with a similar width to the ring you plan to purchase.

3. Size your finger when you're at normal body temperature, as fingers expand in heat and shrink in cold.

4. A ring that fits well should snugly slide past your knuckle to put on and take off, but should not be so loose that it can slip off your finger.

Free 30-Day Ring Resize Policy

We will resize your Signitas ring up or down one size for free if you return it to us within 30 days of the date it was received. After 30 days and for resizings of greater than one full finger size, we will resize your ring for a small fee. Please contact us at or (800) 643-3776 for a cost estimate and details on how to ship to us. You may also bring your Class Ring to one of our representatives during a scheduled campus sales event. Please note that ring resizing typically takes 2 to 3 weeks.

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