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Important Product Information

Ring Sizing

In order to determine your ring size, please click here to download our Ring Sizing Guide.  If you would like a ring sizer sent to you in the mail, please email us at or call us today at (800) 643-3776

Caring for your Jewelry

- The safest way to clean your jewelry is in warm soapy water, drying it with a soft cloth.
- To prevent scratches, store each piece of jewelry in a separate pouch or box.
- Protect your jewelry from dust, cosmetics and perfume as they create a dull film on the surface of the metal.
- Avoid exposing your jewelry to any chemicals, as discoloration or damage may occur. Avoid wearing your jewelry in swimming pools, as exposure to chlorine can discolor your item, affect stones, or weaken the metal.
- To avoid scratches and potential breakage, always remove your jewelry before playing sports, working out, or heavy lifting.
- Some individuals may notice a reaction between their skin and their jewelry, resulting in a residue on the skin. Such conditions can usually be minimized or avoided by cleaning the jewelry more often as described above.