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Yale Sailing

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Dimensions & Ring Size

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Metal & Finishes

Signitas offers our School and Bespoke Jewelry in your choice of yellow, rose or white gold and in three karats 10K, 14K and 18K. All of our products are offered in sterling silver as well. In addition, we can produce most of our School and Bespoke Jewelry in platinum upon request. Please email us if you are interested in ordering a platinum ring or jewelry or have any special requests.

History of Gold

One of the earth’s most precious metals, gold has been treasured throughout the ages. Ancient civilizations associated gold with the sun and believed it to possess mystical and healing powers. Gold’s enduring beauty and permanence make it the most popular choice for jewelry. Extremely durable, gold will not corrode and is remarkably resistant to tarnishing.
The unit of measurement of gold content is the "karat", a term derived from the carob seed which was used as a weight to balance scales. Gold content is measured on a 24-unit scale, with 24 karat gold equivalent to 100% pure gold. As pure gold is quite malleable, it is alloyed with other metals to increase its strength. The higher the karat gold, the heavier the ring and the richer the color.