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Signitas' featured ring is the signet. Signet rings are subtle & sophisticated and have a fascinating history of heraldry that dates back thousands of years. It's the original tradition. There is simply no better way to commemorate your college experience or team participation than with a beautiful ring.




Inside Engraving

Engrave your name or initials, your graduation year, degree or other designation inside your ring.  Men's rings fit up to and including 15 characters and women's rings fit up to and including 9 characters (spaces between words are counted as characters).



Outside Engraving

Signitas offers a complete selection of engraving options for the outside side panels of your ring.  On each side, you may engrave up to four characters and also select from a wide array of activities and symbols. Please contact us at info@signitas.com or (800) 643-3776 if you would like to request different artwork.



natural.png   antique.png

Signitas class rings are available with either a natural finish of polished metal or with a black "antique" finish designed to enhance the details of the insignia.




One of the earth's most precious metals, gold has been treasured throughout the ages.  Ancient civilizations associated gold with the sun and believed it to possess mystical and healing powers.  Gold's enduring beauty and permanence make it the most popular choice for class rings and college jewelry.  Extremely durable, gold will not corrode and is remarkably resistant to tarnishing.

The unit of measurement of gold content is the "karat", a term derived from the carob seed which was used as a weight to balance scales in the Far East.  Gold content is measured on a 24-unit scale, with 24 karat gold equivalent to 100% pure gold.  As pure gold is extremely malleable, it is alloyed with other metals to increase its strength.  Typically, copper, silver and zinc are added to strengthen yellow gold; while copper, nickel and zinc are used to strengthen white gold.  The higher the karat gold, the heavier the ring and the richer the color.  There is an approximate price differential of 20% between each of the three karats (10K, 14K and 18K) of gold that we offer.

Signet Ring Dimensions


Finger Size

Call us today at (800) 643-3776 to receive a free finger sizer in the mail.


Care Instructions

  • The safest way to clean your jewelry is in warm, soapy water with a soft brush. 
  • To prevent scratches, store each piece of jewelry in a separate pouch or box.
  • Protect your jewelry from dust, cosmetics and perfume as they create a dull film on the surface of the metal. 
  • Avoid wearing your gold jewelry in swimming pools, as repeated exposure to chlorine can weaken the metal. 
  • Always remove your jewelry before playing sports.

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